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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Birch Hand Sanitiser dry out your hands?
No, Birch Hand Sanitiser contains Aloe Vera which neutralises the drying effect of the alcohol.

What percentage of alcohol is in the sanitiser?
Between 70 and 75% ethanol is found in the sanitiser which we find to be the optimum level to kill germs and bacteria, yet be safe to use.

Will it work on the Covid-19 virus (Corona virus)?
Yes, absolutely

Do the anti-bacterial wipes contain alcohol?
No, the wipes are predominantly water-based, but they contain active ingredients which do kill germs, bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19

Can you flush Birch Anti-Bacterial Wipes down the toilet?
No, as with other similar products, you must dispose of them in the non-recycle waste bin.

Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes, but you must contact the Help Desk for a quotation.

Does Nanex Anti-Viral Liquid Cleaner contain alcohol?
No, Nanex Anti-Viral Liquid Cleaner is water-based, non-smelling, safe to use and biodegradable.