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Do you ever accidentally pick up the wrong pen when writing on a whiteboard? Ever had a cheeky trick played on you that you cannot wipe away? Not anymore!

I decided to compare removing permanent marker on a whiteboard with dry tissue, wet tissue, and Birch Hand Sanitiser.

First, I wrote on the whiteboard with Sharpie permanent marker and left it to dry for a few minutes, then I began wiping the words away.

Dry tissue, with a lot of elbow grease the words smudges a tiny bit (I had not left it long enough to fully dry!), but after that, nothing!

Wet tissue, I thought something would happen, maybe a smudge, but nothing budged at all.

And finally, the tissue with Birch Hand Sanitiser wiped the words away with ease, no scrubbing at all. It was just as, if not easier than wiping away ones made for whiteboards, and now the whiteboard is sanitised too!

Cleaning the Bottom of Pots and Pans with Birch Hand Sanitiser

Sometimes the bottom of our pots and pans get covered in burns, stains and scorch marks that are tough and often almost impossible to remove.

I was tired of scrubbing the bottom of my pan every time I used it for it to continue to look grubby and old, I had tried so many internet tips and hacks to try and remove these marks, but with no luck!

One evening whilst using Birch Hand Sanitiser and seeing the 70+% alcohol I wondered, could this do the trick? So, I gave it a go!

 I took my favourite griddle pan and squirted a generous amount of Birch Hand Sanitiser all over the bottom area that used to be silver, and let it sit for around 45 minutes whilst I got on with my evening. When I came back to the pan, I gave it a scrub with a scouring pad using circular motions and the dirt started to lift with only a little elbow grease, I started to see the silver bottom which seemed to have been lost forever!

After a few minutes, I wiped away all the grime and burns, making sure to remove any sanitiser residue with warm soapy water once I had done, and voila, my pan looked almost like new!


Cleaning Your Glasses with Birch Hand Sanitiser

We keep our hands clean, we change our masks daily, but what about our glasses?

We touch our glasses, put them on, take them off, adjust them, rub our eyes, put them on our heads, in our hands, sit them on multiple surfaces and sometimes tuck them in our shirts.

They create a slight shield between our eyes and people coughing and sneezing.

A study found that Covid-19 can last up to FOUR days on glass and TWO to THREE days on plastic and stainless steel.

They journey with us in the outside world, to the shops, at our workplace, on our walks, just how many germs and bacteria build up on our glasses that we do not even think about and then we keep them on our face or our bedside tables.

We use hand sanitiser to keep our hands clean, especially when touching our face, so why not our glasses? We did just that!

We took some dirty glasses, covered in oil, fingerprints and bits of dirt picked up throughout the day and we gave them a clean using Birch Hand Sanitiser and a cotton pad.

Now not only can we see through the lens, but the frames we wiped down too!

Keep your hands safe, and your glasses too, with Birch Hand Sanitiser.