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Cleaning Your Glasses with Birch Hand Sanitiser

We keep our hands clean, we change our masks daily, but what about our glasses?

We touch our glasses, put them on, take them off, adjust them, rub our eyes, put them on our heads, in our hands, sit them on multiple surfaces and sometimes tuck them in our shirts.

They create a slight shield between our eyes and people coughing and sneezing.

A study found that Covid-19 can last up to FOUR days on glass and TWO to THREE days on plastic and stainless steel.

They journey with us in the outside world, to the shops, at our workplace, on our walks, just how many germs and bacteria build up on our glasses that we do not even think about and then we keep them on our face or our bedside tables.

We use hand sanitiser to keep our hands clean, especially when touching our face, so why not our glasses? We did just that!

We took some dirty glasses, covered in oil, fingerprints and bits of dirt picked up throughout the day and we gave them a clean using Birch Hand Sanitiser and a cotton pad.

Now not only can we see through the lens, but the frames we wiped down too!

Keep your hands safe, and your glasses too, with Birch Hand Sanitiser.