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Do you ever accidentally pick up the wrong pen when writing on a whiteboard? Ever had a cheeky trick played on you that you cannot wipe away? Not anymore!

I decided to compare removing permanent marker on a whiteboard with dry tissue, wet tissue, and Birch Hand Sanitiser.

First, I wrote on the whiteboard with Sharpie permanent marker and left it to dry for a few minutes, then I began wiping the words away.

Dry tissue, with a lot of elbow grease the words smudges a tiny bit (I had not left it long enough to fully dry!), but after that, nothing!

Wet tissue, I thought something would happen, maybe a smudge, but nothing budged at all.

And finally, the tissue with Birch Hand Sanitiser wiped the words away with ease, no scrubbing at all. It was just as, if not easier than wiping away ones made for whiteboards, and now the whiteboard is sanitised too!